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September 24-27, 2020
 Sheraton Tysons Hotel
866 Leesburg Pike, Tysons, VA 22182

NAPPSA Standing Committees  


The following Standing Committees of the NAPPSA appointed by the President with the approval of the Board and shall report to the Board.

  • Advocacy 
  • Annual Conference Program   
  • Archive Committee 
  • Audit
  • Business to Business
  • Constitution & By Law
  • Education 
  • Ethics & Grievance Committee
  • Fellowship Committee
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Membership/Recruitment
  • Mentoring
  • NAPPSA Foundation
  • National Conference Organizing
  • Nominations & Elections 
  • Publications & Website
  • Scholarship & NAPPSA Awards
  • Soliciting & Screening Conference Posters
  • Strategic Visions


 Constitution and Bylaws Committee

·         The Constitution and Bylaw Committee shall consist of six members, with at least one non-board member. The Committee may initiate or receive from the membership proposals for changes in the Bylaws and shall then make recommendations as provided for in the Bylaws.


Finance Committee

·         The Finance Committee shall, in partnership with the Executive Committee, ensure the development of the annual budget of the Association, review the financial status of the Association on an ongoing basis and quarterly present a plan for financial activities for the coming year, and make recommendations regarding the management and disposition of funds.

·         The Chairperson shall convene a meeting of the Committee prior to each Board meeting and give a report to the Board during the meeting. 

·          The Finance Committee shall be composed of at least six members and chaired by the Treasurer.


Nominations and Elections Committee

·         The Nominations and Elections Committee shall assure the nomination process is conducted in accordance with the Bylaws, oversee the nominating process for the Officers and Board of Trustees and ensure appropriate procedures are in place for the selection and presentation of qualified candidates to the membership. In addition, the Nominations and Elections Committee shall:


o    promote Board representation that reflects the composition of the membership;

o    obtain consent, biographical material, and other information as appropriate from each proposed candidate before his/her name is presented to the membership; and

o    review the procedures for constructing ballots, hard copy and electronic, for the counting of ballots, and for the certification of the results.


·         Any member of the Board of Trustees nominated for an office shall excuse him/herself from participation in all or part of the discussion and the vote to approve the ballot with respect to his/her nomination.

·         The Nominations and Elections Committee shall consist of five members. The Immediate Past President shall be the Chairperson of the Nominations and Elections Committee. At least two members shall be from the Board including the President-elect. At least one member of this committee shall be selected from the general membership.



·         The Membership Committee shall consist of at least five members. The Committee shall be responsible for recruiting new members and executing membership services.


National Conference Organizing

·         The National Conference Organizing Committee (NCOC) shall consist of as many members as the President of the Association considers necessary to assure a successful Annual meeting. Members shall include the President-elect, two Board members and other members selected by the President. The NCOC shall be responsible for all logistics involved in organizing a successful annual conference including recommending appropriate theme and keynote speaker(s) to the Board for final approval. The President shall appoint the Chairs for the Program planning and Exposition subcommittees and both subcommittees shall operate under the umbrella of the NCOC. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC), comprising members from the host location, shall be constituted once the venue of the conference is selected. The LOC shall work with the President-elect in laying the groundwork for the conference including suggesting local conference facilities. Final decision on the conference facility shall be made solely by the Board.



·         The Website and Publications Committee shall be responsible for maintenance of the official NAPPSA website (, and for editing all paper and online publications of the Association subject to approval of the Board.


o   The chairperson of this Committee shall be a member of the Board.

o   The Committee Chairperson shall recommend the Editor who shall be appointed by a simple majority vote of Committee members present when the matter is on the agenda.

o   The appointment of the Editor shall be subject to the approval of the Board.

o   The Editor shall serve a term of three years and shall be eligible for reappointment.

o   The Chairperson of the Committee shall constitute an Editorial Board, subject to the approval of the Board

o   The Chairperson of the Committee shall be responsible for ensuring the quality of NAPPSA publications.

o   The NAPPSA Editorial Board shall consist of at least six members and may include members of the Website and Publications Committee.



·         The Education Committee shall consist of 5 members. The chairperson shall be a member of the Board. The committee shall be responsible for the following:


o   Reviewing Pharmacy Education program including identification, recommendation and implementation of additional competencies in order to maintain or improve its quality and standard.

o   Facilitating exchange programs and collaboration between Nigerian pharmacy schools and institutions in Diaspora to enhance excellence in pharmaceutical research and development, pharmacy practice, and pharmacy education.

o   Acting as primary conduit for reviewing ideas and promoting recommendations pertaining to pharmacy education, pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice.

o   Working collaboratively with the Mentoring Committee to identify opportunities to enhance professional growth of NAPPSA membership and promote excellence in pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical research and development, and pharmacy education.


Mentoring Committee

·         The Mentoring Committee shall match a student/trainee with an esteemed leader in the field of pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical science, regulation or education to help groom the next generation of Nigerian pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. NAPPSA shall seek students/trainees (mentees) and experienced members (mentors) of the Association to participate in a mentoring program. The members of the Mentoring Committee shall match prospective mentees with mentors from the pool of mentors.


Ethics and Public Policy

·         The Ethics and Public Policy Committee may initiate or, at the request of the President and/or the Executive Committee or a member of the Board of Trustees, consider and make recommendations on proposals that the Association take positions or engage in activities to (a) foster integrity in pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical research and (b) promote understanding of societal and individual rights and duties regarding pharmacy practice and research, provided that the Committee shall consider and make recommendations only on matters directly related to the purposes of the Association. All such recommendations of the Committee shall require approval of the Board of Trustees and the general membership before becoming effective. The Ethics Committee shall entertain complaints from members.


Audit Committee

  • ·         The Audit Committee shall assist the Board of Trustees with oversight of the following areas: integrity of the Association’s financial statements; compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; internal controls; independent auditor’s qualifications and independence, and performance of the independent            auditor. An independent audit shall be conducted by a Certified Public Accountant every three years if necessary.
  • ·         The Audit Committee shall consist of five members appointed by the Board. The Chairperson shall already be a member of the Board. Two other members of the Board and two non-board members shall be appointed. The Committee shall report on an annual basis to the Board and will work on ad hoc                basis as needed. Members of the Executive and the Finance Committee are not eligible to serve on the Audit Committee simultaneously.


Fundraising Committee            

  •      The Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for the development of the fundraising plan of the Association. The Chairperson shall ensure prompt review of the plan with the Executive Committee for alignment;
  •      The Committee shall be responsible for raising funds for the Association through voluntary contributions or other resources by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies.
  •       The Chairperson shall provide progress reports to the Executive Committee on an ongoing basis and quarterly reports to the Board of Trustees in partnership with the Executive Committee. 
  •        The President shall be the Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee. The Fundraising Committee shall be composed of at least four members.



Programming Committee 

The program committee shall be presided by the program Chair appointed by the President and approved by the NAPPSA Board. The program committee shall be responsible for:

  •          Developing the NAPPSA Annual Conference programs
  •         Working collaborative with speakers, create program themes session themes and presentation topics for the conference
  •          Ensure that session themes and presentation topics correspond to Conference theme.
  •          Facilitate the creation of the Conference Brochure and other conference literature and documents (Including but not limited to CE Learning Assessment, conference marketing flyers, etc.)
  •          Assist in the proof reading and finalization of the conference brochure
  •          Identify and invite Speakers for the conference
  •          Suggest speakers to be invited to be invited for the conference
  •           Invite Speakers for the conference
  •           Obtain all speaker materials (including but not limited to Disclosure documents, Speaker bio, CV, presentation abstract, and presentation slides).
  •          Identify moderators for all the sessions
  •          Execute the Program during the conference
  •          Manage the program flow during the conference and ensure that the conference proceeds according to the program agenda
  •          Ensure that all the requirements that will enable participating NAPPSA obtain Continuing Education credit are met
  •        Facilitate the development and execution of special NAPPSA program Events.