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NAPPSA Foundation


Whether you are a NAPPSA member or a philanthropist looking to make a contribution to the development of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science education and profession, have a positive impact in underserved communities and constituencies in the USA and Africa and, most importantly, in humanity in general, donating to NAPPSA is a great option for you. To give you a better idea of what form your gift might take to best reflect your intentions, please click on links below.

Become an Endowment Partner

Endowment gifts are permanently invested to supply a steady, annual source of funds for the purposes agreed upon by the donor and the NAPPSA or towards set NAPPSA vision and objectives. See our Endowment Partner Prospectus for details.

Donate to NAPPSA Scholarship

The NAPPSA Scholarship award program remains central to the educational aspirations of its underserved minority student members in professional doctor of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences programs. Visit our Scholarship Page for details about our scholarship program and see our Scholarship Prospectus for details


NAPPSA Foundation was established as a philanthropic arm of the Nigerian Association of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists in the Americas (NAPPSA) which is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.

Exhibit at NAPPSA Conference

NAPPSA’s annual conferences present a unique opportunity for exhibitors to gain face time with hundreds of professionals. See our Exhibitor and Sponsorship Prospectus for details.

Sponsor a NAPPSA Event

Sponsorship opportunities for a NAPPSA stand-alone events are available all year round. Whether it is a webinar, B2B road show events, YP outreach events or CE programs, you can make impact by serving as a sponsor. Contact the NAPPSA office via email at or phone 1-888-237-8017 and learn about our exhibition packages

Sponsor NAPPSA Conference

Sponsoring NAPPSA conference is a very important way for partnering with NAPPSA and for supporting her program and initiatives. See our Exhibitor and Sponsorship Prospectus for details.

Case for Support

Gifts to NAPPSA provide funding for philanthropic initiatives of the parent organization. We anticipate that 100% of the contributions made to NAPPSA will be used to directly fund initiatives that will positively impact the profession of pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences.

Our donors directly impact our ability to provide: • Scholarships for students currently enrolled in pharmacy degree programs and/or for those enrolled in graduate programs in basic or applied pharmaceutical sciences. • Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students to attend Annual NAPPSA Scientific meetings. • Support for NAPPSA continuing pharmacy education (CPE) initiatives. • Provide funds to underwrite educational materials and programs for certain healthcare professionals and the public. • A tax-deductible opportunity for all stakeholders to promote health education and other initiatives that will improve the quality of healthcare delivery in Nigeria and in the United States. We encourage you to make contributions to initiatives supported by NAPPSA. It is more important now that pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists develop skills that will meet the evolving global health challenges. Your support of NAPPSA Foundation will ensure that current and future pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists are fully prepared to deliver healthcare in a modern society. NAPPSA offers an array of donor levels to best suit your needs. Other vehicles for individual contributions include corporate matching gifts, gifts of stock, estate-planned gifts, and gifts of honoraria. Please help shape and ensure the future of pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences by financially supporting NAPPSA Endowment and Foundation.



The NAPPSA Endowment Fund is designed to create a steady guaranteed source of funding for running the programs, or operations of NAPPSA in a manner consistent with the stated mission of NAPPSA. The proceeds from the Endowment Fund may also be used for purposes specified by the donor(s) to the endowment. To maximize not only the short-term but also the long-term contributions to NAPPSA budgets, the NAPPSA Endowment Fund management is structured to optimize the three core pillars of the Endowment Matrix, namely:

  1. the fundraising strategy
  2. the spending strategy, and
  3. the investment strategy.

All of these are structured to fit the goals of the NAPPSA Endowment Fund and the needs of the NAPPSA organization and must be enforced via the governance and management structure of the endowment fund, as depicted in Figure 1. and will constantly be monitored by the NAPPSA Endowment Oversight Board.

Fundraising Strategy

The success of the NAPPSA Endowment Fund depends on our ability to raise funds to ensure its growth and sustainability. As conceived, the primary sources of inflows to the NAPPSA Endowment Fund include:

  1. NAPPSA B-2-B Rebate Earnings,
  2. Annual NAPPSA 5k Run/Walk
  3. Donations from NAPPSA members
  4. Donations from NAPPSA Endowment Partners and Sponsors.vinar dapibus leo.

The NAPPSA Endowment Oversight Board and the NAPPSA leadership continue to look for additional creative ways to source funds and sustain inflows to the NAPPSA Endowment Fund. The Endowment Board will also play a very vital role in driving the fundraising efforts to generate a steady inflow stream from the identified sources of inflows listed above.

Investment Strategy

The overall investment objective of the NAPPSA Endowment Fund is to maximize the return on invested assets while minimizing risk and expenses. This is done through prudent investing and planning, as well as through the maintenance of a diversified portfolio. This ensures that we preserve the long-term, real purchasing power of assets while providing a relatively predictable and growing stream of annual distributions in support of the institution. The Endowment Board recognizes that the strategic allocation of Portfolio assets across broadly defined financial asset and sub-asset categories with varying degrees of risk, return, and return correlation will be the most significant determinant of long-term investment returns and Portfolio asset value stability. Two key elements of our Asset Investment allocation policy are:

  1. NAPPSA Endowment Fund assets are managed as a balanced portfolio composed of two major components: an equity portion and a fixed income portion. The expected role of equity investments is to maximize the long-term real growth of Portfolio assets, while the role of fixed income investments is to generate current income, provide for more stable periodic returns, and provide some protection against a prolonged decline in the market value of equity investments.
  2. Cash investments will, under normal circumstances, only be considered as temporary Portfolio holdings and will be used for NAPPSA Endowment Fund liquidity needs or to facilitate a planned program of dollar-cost averaging into investments in equity and/or fixed income asset classes.

Outlined below are the long-term strategic asset allocation guidelines determined by the Endowment Oversight Board to be the most appropriate, given NAPPSA Endowment Fund’s long-term objectives and short-term constraints. Portfolio assets will, under normal circumstances, be allocated across broad asset and sub-asset classes in accordance with the following guidelines:

Spending Strategy

A clearly defined sustainable spending strategy is as important as thinking about the right investment strategy. How much an endowment distributes to the organization’s operating budget must be determined via a clearly stipulated spending rule. Details of our Spending Strategy is outlined in the Investment Policy Statement. Two key provisions of the Fund’s Spending Policy are:

  1. For the Purpose of making distributions, the NAPPSA Endowment Fund shall make use of a total-return-based spending policy, meaning that it will fund distributions from net investment income and net realized capital gains or dividends.
  2. The distribution of NAPPSA Endowment Fund assets will be permitted to the extent that such distributions do not exceed a level that would erode NAPPSA Fund’s real assets over time. The Endowment Board will seek to reduce the variability of annual Fund distributions by factoring past spending and Portfolio asset values into its current spending decisions. The Endowment Board will review its spending assumptions annually for the purpose of deciding whether any changes therein necessitate amending NAPPSA Endowment Fund’s spending policy, its target assets allocation, or both.

Our spending strategy also takes into account t the interest of those donors who want to be sure that their donations support the mission they gave the money for. So the NAPPSA Endowment Fund’s Annual Report is presented in a manner that clearly shows that all endowment donations dedicated to a specific purpose are utilized for the purpose specified by the donors.

Governance Structure

The key to Success in the three key pillars of NAPPSA Endowment Fund—fundraising, investment, and spending strategy—are embedded in the governance structure of the endowment. The Endowment Oversight Board is the strategic body for oversight and accountability of the NAPPSA Endowment Fund. They work closely with Investment managers to set investment objectives and are responsible for setting the spending rules to ensure Fund’s sustainability. The Endowment Board will also be involved in driving the fundraising campaigns and generation of ideas on new fundraising channels.

Endowment Oversight Board

Anthony Ikeme PhD Chair

Teresa Pounds PharmD, BCNSP Ex-Officio

Gbenga Olajide RPh Vice Chair

Emmanuel Ezirim RPh Secretary

Patrick Nwakama PharmD, BCPS

Nnodum Iheme RPh

Funmi Ajayi PhD

NAPPSA Foundation

About The Foundation

NAPPSA Foundation was established as a philanthropic arm of the Nigerian Association of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists in the Americas (NAPPSA) which is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. NAPPSA Foundation’s priorities are to seek funding that will enhance the mission and vision of the parent organization in its quest to improve the quality of healthcare throughout the United States and Africa.

Our Mission

The purpose of NAPPSA Foundation is to provide resources that will support specific initiatives of the parent organization as it pertains to philanthropy. The Foundation will seek funding from all sources (i.e., individual, corporate, governmental and other foundations) to support its activities. The Foundation will also provide continuing education and training programs to pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.


Our Vision

NAPPSA Foundation envisions the advancement and improvement of healthcare, by providing resources to support the educational and professional goals of the parent organization. By supporting NAPPSA, the Foundation seeks to empower pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to serve as advocates for programs that positively impacts healthcare delivery in Nigeria and in the United States

Foundation Board

The members of NAPPSA Foundation Board consists of five members, including the Chair, appointed by NAPPSA President, with the concurrence of NAPPSA Board of Trustees, and serve staggered 4-year terms. The president, president-elect and treasurer of NAPPSA shall serve in ex officio capacity on the Foundation Board. The Board is charged with developing the strategic direction and tactical plans of the Foundation including implementation of policies and procedures that will ensure accountability and good stewardship of funds raised on behalf of its stakeholders

Since its founding, the NAPPSA Scholarship award program remains central to the educational aspirations of its underserved minority student members in professional doctor of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences programs. The NAPPSA scholarship award program is designed to support the pharmacy and pharmaceutical science education in North America and nurture beneficiaries to become globally able pharmaceutical practitioners and scientists. NAPPSA values her young professionals and places high premium in mentoring and the enhancing the educational and professional growth of young pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. The NAPPSA Young professionals Scholarship and Grant Award Program was established to further this objective.

The scholarships/grants are provided to young minority students to help with the regular education expenses such as books and supplies, travel grants to conferences for scholarly podium and poster presentations. Past scholarship recipients are outstanding and deserving students who have gone on to pursue careers in the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory agencies, academia recipients have gone on to serve the medical community in all areas of clinical practice including Infectious disease, critical care, etc. All awardees are fulltime PharmD or graduate students enrolled in programs relevant to pharmaceutical sciences in a fully accredited University in the USA.



Of Applicants Awarded

Of Eligible Applicants Denied

Applications reviewed

Funding constraints and limited partnerships forced us to turn away more than 50% of eligible applicants. Furthermore, majority ~30% of applicants do not receive financial support from their families, and another 10% have children or are actively employed while pursuing their degrees. It is the hope of NAPPSA organization to partner with you on this worthy cause. We encourage you to read our scholarship prospectus for a sense of how unrestricted giving helps us in our important work. To those of you who support NAPPSA Scholarship, we appreciate and welcome your continued generosity. To those considering joining our extended family of supporters, please review our Giving page by clicking here, for ways to contribute or contact scholarship committee at

Financial Highlights

Invest In Our Students

  • Provide unrestricted support — your gift will be used where it is most needed
  • Fund an annual scholarship award
  • Establish a permanent endowed scholarship fund
  • Donate in honor or memory of a friend, colleague, or loved one
  • Join the NAPPSA Scholars Circle by creating a legacy gift

One-hundred percent of contributions to scholarship funds goes directly to students.

Why It Matters

Health care professionals are generally healthier, more affluent, and more actively engaged in their communities than their counterparts

  • Have higher employment rates
  • Contribute to overall wellbeing of the community
  • Pay more taxes
  • Vote and volunteer more
  • Opportunity to recruit and retain scholarship recipients as future employees
  • Require less public assistance

The growing cost of attending higher institution presents a daunting challenge for many students and their families. By one measure, student loan debt among recent pharmacy school graduates averages almost $200,000. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Americans collectively owe in excess of $1.6 trillion in student loan debt.


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