Message From President

Message From President

It is God, Family, and Country/Community

It is in that order that I bring myself before all of you my NAPPSA Family.  I am reassured and confident by the evidence of this present moment that with God, all things are truly possible to all who believe.  It is only by the grace of The Almighty that this child of Umoke Owerre-Nkworji, Imo State Nigeria can stand here before you and be called, President of NAPPSA.


I do not take that role very lightly nor the process that has brought me thus far.  If I should ever deviate from that strong belief in the family system, I am sure that you my family will remind me.  You are all here, my immediate family, my wife Chichi and the children, my Big sister Dr. Egondu Onyejekwe, my nieces Jackie and Ify, my nephew “Jamambro” Mekka Don, my other sisters Grace and Agatha.  I have my Nigerian Columbus Community, my OSU Buckeye family (the soccer team, college of pharmacy and my fun bunch), even my Saharco family and Owerre-Nkworji are here.  It is to all of you that I must remain accountable in all that I do.


It is through  your support the family, that I have been able to forge ahead and participate fully with the building of this collective community of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists that we call NAPPSA.  You have nurtured and trained me from infancy, through college athletics and higher education to serve humankind.  You have supported me through business to build a platform (B-2-B) to speak truth to power and give voice to the voiceless and empower the weakest amongst us.

The acronym NAPPSA may depict Nigeria but that’s only because that is where we started.  This our diaspora organization NAPPSA includes all of you our Sister African countries.

.               When I stand tall and beat my chest about NAPPSA accomplishments, it is only because of you PharmDs and PhDs.

.               When I stand tall and speak with pride of the NAPPSA 10-Year strategy plan, it is because I have the backing of 500+ PharmDs and PhDs
.               When I stand tall and speak of the only African Diaspora organization with over a Million Dollar Endowment Fund/Portfolio, it is because I have the backing of 500+ PhDs and PharmDs with over 350 Stores in the B-2-B system.

.               When I travel around the country with my “RoadDawg” Dr. Anthony Ikeme building dreams and inspiring new and old professionals, it is because I have the strength of 1000 potential businesses yet to be discovered.

.               When I can sit in my little kiosk of a pharmacy at Central Point and Wall Street Journal wants to interview me, it is because they saw the power of The Geese Formation.

Yes, this is just the beginning.  The Best is yet to Come!  One NAPPSA! One House!

Emmanuel C Ezirim, RPH | FNAPPSA