Journals and Booklets

Journals and Booklets

NAPPSA Journals, Digests and Booklets

American Journal of Pharmacotherapy & Pharmaceutical Sciences (AJPPS)

The American Journal of Pharmacotherapy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (AJPPS) is the official publication of the Nigerian Association of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists in the Americas (NAPPSA). The journal publishes original and innovative research articles and invited reviews in pharmacotherapy, public health, ethnomedicine, toxicology, food science, nutrition, biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences with global outreach. Visit the journal webpage at

The NAPPSA Digest

The NAPPSA Digest is the official NAPPSA News magazine designed to tell the NAPPSA story as it unfolds. It provide news and information for pharmacy and pharmaceutical science professionals to improve their awareness of the goings on in their professional world as well as updated on the tools for improving their professional practice. Each issue contains in-depth coverage of drugs and diseases, practice trends, and laws and regulations affecting the pharmacy and pharmaceutical science profession.


NAPPSA Digest Vol 1 No 1

NAPPSA Digest Vol 1 No 2

NAPPSA Digest Vol 1 No 3

NAPPSA Digest Vol 1 No 4

NAPPSA Informational Trifold

NAPPSA Annual Report

Our 2019-2020 Annual Report is a comprehensive report on NAPPSA’s activities and financial performance through out the preceding year