Other NAPPSA Meetings

Other NAPPSA Meetings

B2B Roadshows

The NAPPSA B2B Roadshows are business training event as well as an important avenue for membership recruitment. The B-2-B Network provides a platform for business owners to mentor each other, exchange ideas, goods and services in a manner that supports the vision and growth of NAPPSA. The Roadshows are vehicles for taking the B-2-B message on the road and to disseminate empowering business skills and messages to NAPPSA business owners. This helps to foster collective success among the B-2-B community through the dissemination of the right knowledge and attitudes for business success

YP Campus Outreaches

The NAPPSA Campus Outreach Events are designed to take NAPPSA’s message of encouragement and inspiration to the pharmacy and pharmaceutical science students at the various University campuses around the country. This is our way of showing that we are committed to their success and willing to fore-arm and equip them with the tools for post educational success in whatever professional career lane they choose in Pharmacy Practice or Pharmaceutical Science. Beyond the traditional educational curriculum, they need to know other core competencies they need to help overcome the competition and challenges in the career world.

YP Hangouts

The NAPPSA YP Hangout series are short seminars designed to go beyond professional learnings to teach life Skills, leadership qualities, personal development, entrepreneurship, and other soft skills for overall success. This is an important way to provide Mentorship and equip our Young Professionals for total success. Whenever possible, award of Continuing Education credits is made available to participants in the hangouts.

Career Advisory Seminar (CAS) Series

NAPPSA Career Advisory Seminar is a joint initiative of the NAPPSA Mentorship, Education and Young Professional Committees. The series creates a space for insightful conversations where accomplished professionals describe their career journey and share how they navigated key training and career-related decision points to achieve their success.

It is a very comprehensive series that covers all the various professional lanes within the pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science career universe following the NAPPSA career subprofessional paths. Each seminar focuses on one area of career opportunity and drill down to the granular layers of opportunities on that  npath. Members are encouraged to reach out to the President or Mentorship Committee Chair if they have interest in Serving as a resource at one of the seminars