NAPPSA 10-Year Strategy Plan

Building New Foundation for accelerating NAPPSA’s growth into the next decade

At the NAPPSA 14th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held during the 2020 Virtual NAPPSA Scientific Conference and Exposition, the NAPPSA members approved the 10-Year Strategy Plan. The plan conceived and unveiled by the NAPPSA President, Dr Anthony Ikeme, creates a deliberate and measurable process for driving and tracking NAPPSA’s growth in all facets of her business. As NAPPSA continues to reinvent itself and evolve into better versions of itself, it has been widely recognized growth can only be achieved and sustained when there is a clear direction and set priorities that ensure that we have better thinking, better decisions and ultimately better results.

Our 10-year plan brings the future into the present, so that we can do something about it now. It helps us to simplify decisions, get everyone on the same page and ensure that our activities are aligned to our priorities. The roadmap it creates will increase our organizational footprint and maximize our impact as a professional organization here in the USA, back home in Nigeria and around the world. It sets timelines for achieving key visionary milestones including the creation of a NAPPSA Journal and white paper series, acceleration of the  drive for the growth of the NAPPSA B2B Network, the engine of NAPPSA’s financial sustainability, Setting up of the NAPPSA Endowment fund, the establishment of a NAPPSA House and a NAPPSA Research Institute.

First Why a Journal! The official NAPPSA peer review Journal, to be named the American Journal of Pharmacotherapy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (AJPPS) will help raise our organizational profile and serve as an outlet for our scholarly inclined pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to achieve professional fulfilment.  It will also serve as a destination for worthy NAPPSA conference podium presentations, proceedings of our annual conferences, and will publish NAPPSA solution oriented White Papers.

Our plan provides for the NAPPSA White Paper Series which will create off the shelf solution-focused research documents that answers the questions; What? Why? How to? on a wide range of topics across the full spectrum of the pharmaceutical value chain. This will position NAPPSA to take leadership in thinking through and offering solutions to the challenges in the pharmaceutical sector development in the USA, Nigeria and around the world.

The success of the financial aspect of our 10-year strategy plan hinges on the NAPPSA B-2-B network. Encouraged by the success we have achieved with our efforts in the last couple years, the plan provides for a ramping up of the B-2-B roadshows over the next decade to increase the number of participating stores in the B-2-B network and diversify to new B2B income sources.

To extend the reach and impact of our B-2-B earnings, our strategy plan has designated all B-2-B earnings to be set aside for re-investment into the NAPPSA Endowment Fund. This annual base investment will be augmented by proceeds from our annual NAPPSA 3K Run/Walk to create a sustainable income source for NAPPSA activities.

We shall make a sustained effort to grow our membership through the various membership driven initiatives in our toolbox, including the B2B Roadshows, YP Campus Outreaches, Sorting of Pharmacy Board lists and subsequent outreach to identified Nigerian Pharmacists. We shall also invest in our pharmaceutical science focused initiatives, robust and inclusive programming and CE-awarding webinars to attract interest from prospective members.

So as conceived, our Strategy Plan is designed to diversify and expand our income generation base from just membership and B2B to new sources of funding such as Endowment and Investment earnings, Grants, 3K Run Donations and Sponsorships.

Then the NAPPSA House. The NAPPSA 10-Year Strategy Sets a 5 year target to acquire a NAPPSA House which will serve as a permanent location for the NAPPSA office.   Perhaps the most exciting use of the NAPPSA House will be its role as host to the NAPPSA Research institute. The NAPPSA Research Institute is a strategic initiative of NAPPSA that creates a framework for collaborative research partnerships between leading NAPPSA Research Scientists and between NAPPSA and other scholarly institutes on areas of common interest. It will ensure that African unique perspectives and interests are represented at the highest level in pharmaceutical research.

Our ten year strategy plan is Inclusive, ensures commitment to Quality, provides incentives for Consistent delivery, allows for NAPPSA’s Sustainability, has Milestones along the way to measure the impact of our progress, and has an inbuilt Dynamism to allow for continual improvements as we make progress.

But for this to work, we need all hands on deck. All NAPPSA committees must play a role. All NAPPSA members, young professionals, and affiliate members in the USA, Nigeria and all over the world must commit to this plan. This plan is by and for all of us. Let’s come together and make it the cornerstone for the transformation of our future. NAPPSA’s stock is rising. The NAPPSA leadership invites everyone to be a part of the process.