Unveiling the NAPPSA Pharmaceutical Science Focus Group

Unveiling the Pharmaceutical Science Focus Group

2019 witnessed the birth of the NAPPSA Pharmaceutical Science Focus Group (PSFG), designed to focus efforts in growing opportunities for the Pharmaceutical Science Community in NAPPSA. We provide below the full charter of the NAPPSA PSFG for wider consumption.

Pharmaceutical Science Focus Group Charter


To establish an enabling environment to increase the pharmaceutical science base of NAPPSA membership where pharmaceutical scientists would benefit from the Association’s professional services and pursue career interests while leveraging NAPPSA brand, infrastructure, and network opportunities in line with NAPPSA’s Vision and Mission.


  1. HOW?

By creating programs, activities and career opportunities that cater to the interests and needs of the pharmaceutical scientists to enable them to engage in collaborative initiatives for career fulfilment.   The following workstreams have been identified as tools for attaining such goals

  •  Catalyze Collaborative Efforts Among Pharmaceutical Scientists:

NAPPSA Pharmaceutical Science Focus Group will serve as a driver for collaboration amongst Pharmaceutical Scientists. Tools for achieving this goal will include:

  • Creation of a mechanism for bringing together researchers with diverse scientific backgrounds and perspectives to address questions and solve complex problems that benefit from an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approach
  • Creation of a mechanism for joint venture initiatives between Pharmaceutical Scientists, marketing of Pharmaceutical Science Services, consulting, contracting and joint ownership of research output


  • Support the Career Advancement of NAPPSA Pharmaceutical Scientists
    • Members of the Pharmaceutical Science Focus Group will work closely with the NAPPSA mentorship committee to support the career needs of the NAPPSA pharmaceutical scientists in many ways including mentorship for new graduates and younger professionals.
  • Transform and Rebuild the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Sector

The Pharmaceutical Science Focus Group will lead NAPPSA’s effort to transform the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Sector by supporting initiatives that address various segments of the Transformational objective:


  • Regulatory Reform: The group will work with relevant government agencies, partners and stakeholders to streamline regulations and processes pertaining to pharmaceuticals – from drug discovery and clinical trials to manufacture and clinical utilization. This effort will also include streamlining and easing of requirements and processes for business incorporation, records and reporting, facilities acquisition or construction, international procurement of equipment and raw materials, international distribution and international partnerships.
  • R&D Hub Capabilities: The group will work with relevant government agencies, partners and stakeholders to establish Pharmaceutical R&D Hubs and Industrial Parks to facilitate synergies among the various subunits of the Pharmaceutical R&D Continuum.


  • Increasing Clinical Trial Activity: NAPPSA recognizes that while global pharmaceutical companies are keenly focused on diversifying their clinical trial racial/ethnic populations, Nigeria remains largely untapped as a clinical trial destination. NAPPSA’s Pharmaceutical Science Group will work with relevant Nigerian agencies, such as NAFDAC, NHREC, and MOH to increase the number of randomized clinical trials conducted in Nigeria.


  • Pharmaceutical Quality & Manufacturing: The group will work with PMGMAN, PSN, NAIP and other necessary stakeholders to engender robust total quality management systems in the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Sector. This will support the growth of the sector and increase the acceptability of Nigerian pharmaceutical products by the international community.


  • Advocacy: NAPPSA will employ advocacy to draw the attention of the government and all stakeholders to the importance of building the R & D and Manufacturing capacity in Nigeria to achieve a 21st century industrial ecosystem.
    • NAPPSA will advocate for the adoption of a vision for the Nigerian pharmaceutical sector that advances the security, health and economy of Nigeria by striving to achieve 70% domestic production of all drugs used in Nigeria by 2030.


  • Training: The NAPPSA Pharmaceutical Science Group will partner with PSN, NAIP and other relevant stakeholders to build local capacity for the transformational agenda by conducting training on topics such as GLP/GCP/GMP, ICH-GCP standards, SOPS, Ethics, etc.


  • Mobilize Resources: Where possible, the group will mobilize and secure the necessary resources for specific projects and for investment in the Nigerian Pharmaceutical sector to enable the growth of the sector.


  • Build Direct Partnerships with Relevant Institutions:
    • Facilitate the building of public–private partnerships to stimulate knowledge/ technology transfer between institutions in Nigeria and their counterparts in the more advanced economies
    • NAPPSA Pharmaceutical Science group will facilitate linkages and licensing relationships between foreign global pharmaceutical companies and the local pharma companies.
    • Facilitate business-to-business mentorship


  • Promote Fundamental and Applied Research in the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

Partner with NIPRD to promote fundamental and applied research in the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences.



A fully engaged, functioning and growing Pharmaceutical Science Community in NAPPSA, should attract other pharmaceutical scientists to join NAPPSA and help further pharmaceutical science-based activities in NAPPSA.